Polyamory Diaries 16: I Kiss Her While My Wife Watches

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Welcome back to another installment of Polyamory Diaries, where we delve into the world of ethical non-monogamy and explore the complexities and joys of loving more than one person at a time. In this edition, we'll be discussing a particularly intimate and exciting moment in my polyamorous journey - the moment when I kissed another woman while my wife watched.

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Exploring New Boundaries

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As someone who has been practicing polyamory for several years, I am constantly exploring new boundaries and pushing the limits of what I thought was possible in terms of love and relationships. When my wife and I decided to open up our marriage, we knew that there would be challenges and difficult conversations, but we also knew that the rewards would be worth it. And boy, were we right.

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Meeting Her

I met Sarah at a local polyamory meet-up, and there was an instant connection between us. She was smart, funny, and incredibly beautiful, and I found myself drawn to her in a way that I hadn't experienced in a long time. As we started to get to know each other, it became clear that there was a mutual attraction, and we both expressed our desire to explore a romantic and physical connection.

Communicating with My Wife

Of course, before anything physical happened with Sarah, I made sure to communicate openly and honestly with my wife. We had numerous conversations about boundaries, expectations, and fears, and we both agreed that we wanted to move forward with this new connection. It was incredibly important to both of us that we maintained a strong and healthy foundation in our marriage while also allowing room for new connections to flourish.

The Moment Arrives

After several dates and hours of deep conversations, the moment finally arrived when Sarah and I found ourselves alone together. My heart was racing as I leaned in to kiss her, and I couldn't help but steal a glance at my wife, who was watching us from across the room. As our lips met, I felt a surge of emotions - excitement, nervousness, and a deep sense of connection with both of these incredible women.

The Power of Compersion

As I kissed Sarah, I couldn't help but think about how lucky I was to have two amazing women in my life who were both supportive and loving in their own unique ways. And as I looked at my wife, I could see the genuine happiness in her eyes as she witnessed this intimate moment between me and Sarah. This is the power of compersion - the feeling of joy that one experiences when their partner is happy and fulfilled in another relationship.

The Aftermath

After the kiss, there was a sense of relief and a renewed sense of intimacy between all of us. My wife and I talked for hours about our feelings and experiences, and I could see how much this moment had brought us closer together. And as for Sarah, our kiss had opened the door to a beautiful and fulfilling relationship that continues to thrive to this day.

In conclusion, the experience of kissing Sarah while my wife watched was a powerful and transformative moment in my polyamorous journey. It taught me the importance of open communication, trust, and the beauty of compersion. I am grateful for the love and support of both of these incredible women, and I look forward to continuing to explore the depths of polyamory with them by my side. Thank you for joining me for this edition of Polyamory Diaries, and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you in the future.